799 Number Meaning: Secrets Unveiled, Meanings Explained

A 799 number is a type of unassigned telephone number that does not have any assigned owner or carrier and is not connected to any lines. These numbers are often used for telemarketing, advertising and tracking purposes. There are literally hundreds of numbers that can be used in this manner, each one connecting to a different service.

In most North American countries, the prefix “799” is reserved for these special phone numbers. If a call to this number is placed, there will be no personal greeting – instead an automated system will either take the call or simply disconnect it. Usually these calls only result in a message being left on the answering machine or voicemail if available.

This kind of numbering system enables businesses to track which calls have come from where by assigning individual 799 numbers to each area code or geographic radius. This allows businesses to track which areas are generating the most leads so that they can target marketing efforts more accurately and efficiently. Additionally, it helps with tracking response rates from ads and promotions as well as customer retention over time.

What is a 799 Number?

A 799 number is a special type of toll-free telephone number that is used by businesses. Toll-free numbers allow customers or clients to make calls to businesses without incurring any cost. They are often used to increase the reach of a business and to provide customers with an easy way to contact the company.

In this article, we will discuss what a 799 number is, how it works and its uses:

Definition and History

A 799 number is a two-digit prefix used by telecommunications carriers to identify premium rate lines, known as “pay-per-call” services, for customers calling from a landline. As the name implies, customers must pay to use these services which include adult chat and dating lines, psychic and tarot readings, and other novelty services. The 799 number was introduced in the United States in the late 1980s and quickly became the standard for premium rate billing.

The reason behind this prefix’s popularity is due to its distinctiveness compared to other prefix codes in North America. The first digit is always a “7” followed by a “9” for numbers issued in the United States or “6” if dialed from Canada. To prevent accidental access to these premium rate lines, 799 numbers are included on many phone blocking lists which prohibit access before payment is made.

Though it has become an industry standard over the years, 799 numbers have recently declined due to:

  • Competition from other technology such as texting and apps which offer similar services with less overhead cost paid by the customer.
  • Changes in regulations regarding premium rate billing.
  • Increased awareness about potential scams or fraud when accessing these lines.

Common Uses

799 telephone numbers are Toll-Free Numbers. They are a type of number that allows its owners to offer their customers and prospects free, easy access to their business. This type of number won’t cost callers anything, no matter how long or how many times they call.

This type of number is commonly used in customer service operations. Companies use them in order to make it simple for people to contact them directly with their queries and complaints. By providing an easy-to-remember, toll-free number, businesses send the message that they value their customers and strives make it as convenient as possible for them to contact them.

799 telephone numbers can also be used for sales operations. It may be used by a company to direct potential customers to specific information about the products and services they offer, or simply provide an additional point of contact where they can answer product related queries and advise on further details before pursuing a sale.

In addition, this type of number can also be utilized by organizations requiring access to emergency services or charitable organizations which wish to provide aid without any fees associated with calling their helplines. Such organizations are able to meet the needs of those in different geographical areas without having different phone numbers around the world – helping keep costs down while offering people access at any given time day or night.

Benefits of 799 Numbers

A 799 number is a toll-free number that provides customers with easy access to businesses and services. It is a great way for businesses to show their customers that they are serious about providing a high-quality service. 799 numbers are becoming increasingly popular as more businesses are realizing the many benefits they offer.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits associated with 799 numbers:


When a business uses a 799 number, it can be an effective and cost-saving alternative to traditional landlines or mobile numbers. Because 799 numbers are not tied to any physical location, long distance fees are usually waived. This allows businesses to save money by reducing their long-distance calling costs and by avoiding complex plans with added features they don’t need. Additionally, the low maintenance costs associated with using a dedicated toll-free number provide businesses with more efficient customer service.

Ease of access is another major benefit of using 799 numbers as they can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world. This makes it very convenient for customers to contact your business without having to remember various international codes or area codes. Furthermore, 799 numbers allow customers to call without worrying about being charged high international rates by their phone provider.

799 numbers also make it easier for customers to stay connected with a business, regardless of location or time zone differences. With 799 numbers, businesses can ensure that customers will never miss an important message sent via voicemail because all incoming calls and messages are stored in the cloud, enabling easy retrieval from anywhere at any time. Additionally, portability means that businesses can easily keep their toll-free number if they relocate or switch providers – keeping existing contacts informed about how to reach them whenever necessary.

Increased Credibility

Nearly any business can benefit from the increased credibility associated with having a 799 number. When customers see a 799 number, they know that your business is trustworthy and professional. Not only will having a 799 number increase customer confidence, but it will also boost your chances of acquiring new customers. People are more likely to call businesses they trust and value their services – and having a 799 number is the first step in indicating that assurance.

In addition to increasing your credibility with potential customers, having a 799 number can help you to build trust among already-existing clients. When customers have a dedicated line of communication for their inquiries and orders, it goes a long way towards establishing both loyalty and confidence in your services. Furthermore, with access to information about which areas of your business receive the most attention from potential customers, you can identify opportunities for improvement or further investment in certain departments.

Easy to Set Up and Use

799 numbers are telephone numbers that are easily recognizable, and they offer a wide range of benefits to companies. One advantage is that they are easy to set up and use. To get started, you simply purchase the number from a provider and then connect it to your existing landline or mobile line. Your 799 number can be used for outbound calls as well as for incoming calls. You will have access to various features such as call forwarding, voicemail, and answering machines.

Additionally, 799 numbers have much lower setup costs than traditional phone numbers or toll-free 800 numbers, making them an economical option for small businesses. Unlike traditional phone numbers or toll-free 800 numbers, a 799 number also offers the flexibility of portability – meaning that you can take it with you when you switch carriers in order to keep the same number. This makes it both convenient and cost-effective for businesses who might want to switch carriers often in order to get better rates on their phone bills.

Disadvantages of 799 Numbers

799 numbers have their advantages, such as the ability to provide a single number for all your business services, making it easier for customers to find and contact you. But there are also some disadvantages associated with 799 numbers. In this section, we will discuss the potential drawbacks of using a 799 number:

  • Drawback 1
  • Drawback 2
  • Drawback 3
  • Drawback 4

May be Confusing for Customers

One of the biggest drawbacks of 799 numbers is that customers in certain areas of the world may find it confusing. As previously mentioned, this type of toll-free number is unique to North America, so people trying to call from elsewhere may have no idea what it is or how to dial it. And since there are different toll-free codes in different countries, they may end up calling the wrong number or struggling with the correct one.

Furthermore, there is no requirement that businesses advertise that they have a 799 number, and even if they do and provide customers the correct information on how to call it, there can still be confusion. The customer might be unfamiliar with the country and area code for their business location and not know how to properly dial it when preceded by a 799 number.

Since 799 numbers are meant for long-distance calls in North America only and require an international long-distance plan for overseas customers who want to reach a business abroad, incorrect dialing can potentially be costly for both parties involved. Businesses outside of North America utilizing this type of service should consider providing alternative ways for their international clients to get in touch such as:

  • providing an international phone number
  • using online solutions like live chat support
  • using email contact forms

Limited to Certain Countries

799 numbers can be used by businesses in many countries, but unfortunately not all. While 799 numbers are most commonly associated with countries in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP)–including Canada, the United States, and some Caribbean nations–this numbering scheme is in place for many other nations around the world as well. Countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Ireland, Pakistan and more also have their own 799 number format.

Unfortunately not all countries have 799 numbers available for use by businesses. In these cases it is possible to purchase an international vanity phone number which consists of a 3 or 4 digit area code followed by a 9 digit number that allows customers to contact your business from any country. However this may be more costly than opting for an actual 799 number from a company that specializes in providing direct inward dialing (DID) services.

The availability of 799 numbers varies and not all providers offer them so it’s important to shop around and comparison shop in order to find a good deal on a reliable service plan that allows you to take advantage of the benefits of having a vanity phone number without breaking your budget.


In conclusion, it’s clear that the use of 799 numbers is widespread and offers a unique understanding of its own. Although this number has been around for many decades, it has become increasingly popular in recent years as more businesses have begun to use toll-free numbers in order to maximize customer service and help them build consistent connections with their customers.

799 numbers provide an efficient way for customers to contact companies while also saving money on long-distance calls. Additionally, 799 numbers are often shared between multiple people or organizations and help keep track of incoming calls and data. Ultimately, this type of number helps businesses stay organized and creates a better experience for all those involved.

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